1    In Adobe Acrobat find Preferences in the top menu bar and select ‘Signature’.

2.   Look for ‘Identities & Trust Certificates’ and click the more button.

3.   In the new window make sure ‘Digital IDs’ is selected then click the ‘Add ID’ in the menu bar on the right.

4.   In the new window click the button ‘A new digital ID I want to create now’ and then ‘Next’.

5.   Choose ‘New PCKS12 digital file’ then Next.

6.   Fill in: Name, Organisation, email and region.

7.   In the next box you will need to select where the file information is stored on your computer and choose a password.

8.   To the enter your new digital ID click on the Signature box in the Application form. Your new signature will open and you will need to fill in your password. Please DO NOT click the ‘Lock document after signing’ box.

Please see the example below of how a Digital Signature should appear.


If you are having problems following the instructions you can click on the video link: