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Berkshire Army Cadet Force Annual Camp 2018

Berkshire Army Cadet Force Annual Camp 2018

The Royal County of Berkshire Army Cadet Force conducted its Annual Camp at West Tofts Training Camp, Norfolk over 3rd – 12th August 2018 with 62 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) and 157 Cadets taking part.

The primary aim was to place each Cadet into challenging military, adventurous and community activities, inspire young people to achieve success in life with a spirit of service to the Queen, their Country and their local community, and to develop in them the qualities of a good citizen. This was achieved as follows:

a. Providing progressive cadet training, often of a challenging and exciting nature, to foster confidence, self-reliance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to other people.

b. Encouraging the development of personal powers of practical leadership and the ability to work successfully as a member of a teamPersonal Development : There was a round robin of Archery, Paintball, Mountain Biking and Climbing for the One Stars and Two Stars only. In Camp training: Time was given in the programme for more in camp training than last year and this lead to greater numbers of One Stars being tested at Fieldcraft as their Skill-at-Arms was up to date. Fieldcraft Training: This was completed at the relevant Star level without any major issues. The Two Star Cadre started their exercise on the first full day of Annual Camp and stayed out for two nights as requested last year by the Cadre Commander.

The only two wet days during camp was during the One Star Fieldcraft Exercise, but the Cadre Commander managed the weather utilising the available buildings and having CFAV centrally cook mealsGold DoE Expedition: Once again a very successful event with all four cadets passing their Gold Expedition. This is an essential part of the annual camp programme for the senior cadets and must continue. Adventure training: Due to the late notice of change, there were no Adventurous Training activities at this year’s camp.

This year’s Annual Camp was extremely successful truly delivering the Cadet Experience to the youth of Berkshire, the continued reduction from 12 Day Camp to a 9 Day Camp worked extremely well. Adult Volunteers only required to take 5 days annual leave from their civilian employment which allowed more instructors to attend.

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