June 27, 2018

The Connaught Trust - Grant Decisions - June 2018

We were delighted to receive a variety of applications for funding in respect of our Board Meeting on June 27th.

These came from a mix of reservists and cadets and from all services. Full or partial funding was requested for military equipment; team building exercises; adventure training; awards and trophies; cadet competitions and contributions towards minibuses.

The following Hampshire/IOW organisations who were granted funds:

  • Hants & IOW AC
  • South Central Sea Cadets
  • Portsmouth Grammar School CCF
  • Winchester Sea Cadets
  • HMS King Alfred
  • Hants & IOW ATC
  • RMVCC (Portsmouth)
  • HMS Excellent RNVCC
  • 4 PWRR
  • Hants & IOW RAFAC
  • HMS Sultan RNVCC
  • 128 Coy REME

Two organisations in neighbouring counties who were additionally given funding

  • 4 PWRR- based in Surrey
  • 6 Rifles – based in Dorset

Please follow our News page for future reports from these units and our Facebook page - @TheConnaughtTrust where we will be sharing images.