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Media & Publicity

Please download our logo for use in any publicity relating to your grant funding.

Should you require any other formats for merchandise or other major forms of equipment eg. mini bus, boat or any other large object, with the aim of promoting the Trust to other beneficiaries, we will be happy to provide it.  


Please email with any requests.

We do request that you provide us with feedback to help us promote the objectives and activity of The Connaught Trust so that more units are inspired to apply for funding in the future.  

Content that you supply may be used on our website, social media channels and in printed publications, advertisements or press releases. Please make sure to obtain the necessary permissions before sending us any photos, videos or written content. 

Official Openings and Launch Events

If you are planning an official opening or other such event in relation to the funding, the Trustees would welcome an invitation to attend. Please email with details. 


We are happy to supply Connaught Trust flags for photo opportunities at launch events, camps, expeditions and other activities that we have supported, to help raise awareness of The Connaught Trust to other units that could benefit from our grant funding.  Get in touch to request a flag or email

Please make sure you mention The Connaught Trust and our website in any grant-related articles, whether printed or online.


Please let us know if we can contribute to any related media coverage and also send us a copy of any that is produced.  

The Connaught Trust supported Southampton Sea Cadets with grant funding

Social Media

  • Facebook - The Connaught Trust
  • LinkedIn - The Connaught Trust

Follow us:

Tag us on your posts: @connaughttrust

We will follow your social media channels, please also follow ours.

Make sure you mention and tag The Connaught Trust on any social media posts in relation to the grant funding.  We would also appreciate you sharing our posts to help reach more units with information on the availability of grant funding.


Add our logo to your website with a link to our website

Mention us in your social media, newsletters, magazines and press releases.

Click here to book a Zoom meeting/telephone call to provide us with feedback on your grant and its impact.

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