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Connaught Trust Grant supports 4PWRR’s largest Adventurous Training package

The expedition led by 4 PWRR’s own RAPTCI, an experienced BSAC Advanced Diver, began in August with the diving theory aspects, delivered concurrently to UK based personnel online and in-person to those deployed on OP FIRIC.

This was the first Army Reserve led deployment to the Falkland Islands, however, the capability to deliver high quality lessons simultaneously 8000 miles apart epitomises the skill of the instructing personnel, the opportunities for learning and the high level of commitment found within the Army Reserve.

The 4 PWRR team
The 4 PWRR team

Beginning with the UK based Ocean Diver qualification on Ex Dragons Emergence in Vobster Quay, Somerset, the team then embarked on a two-week expedition on exercise Dragons Endeavour in order to deliver the Advanced Ocean Diver package in Cyprus. The team were based out of the Joint Services Adventure Training Wing (Cyprus), Dhekelia Station for the duration. Whilst on island the team also conducted the 02 Administration course, prior to the start of the Advanced Ocean Diver Theory & practical lessons, this was in order to assist the Supervisor with surface cover. The expedition also included the BSAC First Aid for Divers course mid-way through.

The 4 PWRR team, completed a variety of shore and wreck dives, during the day, as well as completing various night dives. The highlight of the expedition for many were the dives spent exploring the Zenobia, a roll-on roll-off ferry, which is now acclaimed as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. Submerging to a maximum depth of 30 meters, the team were greeted by schools of curious Grouper fish while exploring a wreck still loaded with lorries and cars.

The team of previous novice divers, in their buddy-pairs, planned their dive and dived their plan independently, demonstrating excellent buoyancy control, discipline and physical courage in demanding conditions, with further highlights including turtles, squid as well as enjoying the local culture.

Since 4 PWRR’s founding in 2016, Ex. Dragons Emergence and Dragons Endeavour have marked the largest Adventurous Training package organised by the battalion and demonstrates the commitment of the battalion in providing challenging Adventurous Training to develop their personnel whilst maximising the opportunities available with a career in the Army Reserve.

night diving
The 4 PWRR team completed various night dives.


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