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Southampton UOTC Adventurous Training Exercise

12 officer cadets took part in an adventurous training exercise mountaineering in Sierra Nevada, Spain. This challenging 7-day experience saw the group climb multiple mountains of various terrain reaching peaks of 2079m and covering distances of up to 20km per day.

Navigational skills were tested but endurance and team work came out on top ensuring that every member of the group completed the exercise with Summer Mountaineering qualifications being achieved by all.

12 officer cadets from SUOTC on the mountain top
12 officer cadets from SUOTC on the mountain top

This trip would not have been possible without The Connaught Trust. Without your support, our exercise would not have been as rewarding and successful as what it was. So, on behalf of all of us at Southampton UOTC, thank you for your generosity.


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